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Is This Even a Choice?

As our American society spirals downward into the pit, we have seen more and more insanity on the cable news. For instance, Joyner Elementary School in Greensboro, North Carolina is set to protest the establishment of a Satan Club for students. Out of disbelief, you may say again “a Satan club?” That is in fact what is taking place not only in this school, but also many other schools around the country. The Satanic Temple itself sued another school in Pennsylvania after it denied instituting a Satan club there. It looks like the elementary school in North Carolina didn’t have as much backbone standing up against such madness like the Pennsylvania school did. I will have to commend the parents, and others who gathered to protest this stupidity.

Many will say, including some conservatives, that the Satanic Temple has a Constitutional Right to establish a club equal to a Christian club. The answer is quite simple, no they don’t. So many tend to forget that while the American Constitution allows the free practice of religion, it does not give you the right to institute it in this nation. No one is free to rip out the foundational principles in which this nation stands. Remember, it was not Satanism that built this nation, nor Buddhism, Hinduism, or Islam. America was founded upon the Law of God, and it doesn’t matter what reprobate heathen say about the matter. By the way, it also doesn’t matter what the Supreme Court says about it either. Remember, once upon a time the Supreme Court ruled slavery was legal.

The separation of church and state is not even Constitutional, and while one Church may not control the Government (like Europe in past centuries), it does not throw out the moral foundations set forth by the Christian scriptures. Even many of the Founding Fathers who didn’t even believe in the Christian God, wouldn’t trade Christian morality for any other. It was not even a debate that took place in the beginning, and neither should it be now.

When you have the antithesis of Christianity found in Satanism, trying to reshape our children, we have to ask is this even a choice? Christians need to wake up, and stand against this wickedness. Not only this, but other such evils that are taking place in our nation. Look, you don’t even have to be nice or cordial about this either. Instead, reject and ridicule such stupidity being put forth, since God will hold us accountable for allowing such evil in this land.

Will it take Satanists in elementary schools to wake Christians up? It should have already moved us to rebel when they pushed sexuality upon our kids, but it didn’t. Maybe the image of Baphomet will stir something inside our souls and enrage us? You know, the image your child will bow to at school?


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