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Manna Overload

In the book of Exodus, we were told of the story of the Israelites, and how God marvelously delivered them from bondage in Egypt. Under the harsh rule of Pharaoh, they suffered hunger, poverty, slavery and even lost many of their male children. When God finally intervened and delivered them through the hands of Moses, they were finally set free from their harsh bondage in Egypt. God performed many miracles in His deliverance of the Israelites.

Also, even though they were in the wilderness, their needs were all met. God provided daily for them with manna from above, and water from the rocks to sustain them. Their clothes and shoes did not wear out either. But not long after, they got fed up with God’s manna and started to murmur against God and Moses. They missed the leeks, the onions, and the meat that they ate back in Egypt, but neglected to how God has delivered them from the terrible bondage they were in. They sinned against God in their murmurings and unbelief. They were unthankful for all that God had done for them.

You can read about how the Israelites sinned against God in their murmurings, and think about how unthankful they were for all that God had done for them. How about you and how thankful are you to God? A God who provides daily for all your needs? Perhaps you are not as wealthy as some people you may know, but you have all your needs met through God’s gracious provisions. Are you thankful for these simple, but kind blessings from God? Are you always wishing He could have given you more than what you have now?

Are you thankful when life gets tough and you have to experience some hardships or even sufferings? Do you trust in the loving heavenly Father Who has promised to never leave you or forsake you if you are His child? Have you learned to be content no matter what state you might be in? (Philippians 4:11-13)

Are you thankful when life comes to an end and it’s time to say your last goodbye? Death comes to us all, but death is not the end for a child of God. Death is only the beginning of a glorious eternity awaiting those who love Him. Through Christ’s sacrifice, God has provided a way for you to be with Him forever. Do you remember to be thankful each day for this precious gift from God?

The story of the Israelites should be a sober reminder for us, as it plays out day by day in people’s hearts. Unthankfulness will turn our hearts from God, and we will start to murmur and complain. We can be like the Israelites who were “manna overload” and got fed up with God’s kindness and His daily provisions. They always wanted more, and never truly believed or trusted God.

On the other hand, we can be people of gratitude in thanking God each day for daily overloading us with His abundant provisions in our lives. God has been faithful and will always remain faithful. He is honored when we are thankful, and he is glorified, when we put all our trust in His goodness toward us.

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