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Proclaim Boldly!

Before ascending into heaven, the last command of Jesus Christ to his disciples was to preach, and teach the gospel to all nations. Most that would identify as Christian would say that this is what they should do for the whole world. We have to then ask why this is only being done by a small percentage of Christians? In 1 Peter 2:7-9, we see a reason why many do not tell others about what has set them free from the bondage of their sin. Verse 7 speaks of Christ being precious to believers, but even with the disobedient (not saved) rejecting Christ, he is made the head of the corner. This is referencing the foundation of a building, and how Christ is the foundation of our salvation.

When we read verse 8, here is where the problem lies “And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed.” Because Christ is a rock of offense to people, Christians shy away from telling others about the very person who will redeem them. The moment you tell a lost person about Christ, there is a very real possibility that it may not be very pleasant. This is especially true if a person has been indoctrinated in the government school systems their whole life, and has bought into that wicked ideology.

The answer to that feeling that temps us to shy away from confrontation is to be bold, and proclaim the gospel! The Apostle Peter follows up in verse 9 that we are a chosen generation, and ultimately to show a lost and dying world that marvelous light of Jesus Christ. Peter is a great example of both sides of the choice. It was he who rejected that he even knew or walked with Christ, when confronted in the judgment hall. Jesus was being mocked and beaten before the Sanhedrin, but Peter made the wrong choice. He would remember this when Christ built him up after the resurrection, and he would not make that same mistake. He stood before that very Sanhedrin the second time in Acts 4, and he the gospel to them! Notice the reference to Christ being the head of the corner like we saw in 1 Peter.

He was absolutely fearless, and we have to remember that these men in the Sanhedrin had the power of life or death over him. May we follow such an example as Christians! America could be greatly changed if Christians all around the nation would be emboldened to proclaim God’s redemption of mankind! It starts with having a genuine concern for others and their eternal destination.

Learn Scripture verses and how you can show the way to salvation. There are so many ways to do this and resources are online. Visit our website and you’ll see verses to use if needed, but the point is that we have no excuse to not proclaim God’s salvation message. Yes, the gospel will be a rock of offense to people, but endure like the Apostle Peter did and God will be with you.

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