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Men of Character

Have you ever read about the heroism of a person in war, or an ordinary person saving someone’s life in your city? We tend to think of heroism in extraordinary acts, but what if I told you heroism is defined by a man’s character? There is a saying in the military that one truly finds out who the real heroes are when bullets start flying. A person can say whatever they want about what they think they’ll do in a situation, but you only find out what a person is truly made of while actually going through it. When people are put under pressure the true character emerges.

We are in a time and place in our nation in which tyranny presides, and it is spiraling downward. There are some foundational questions we are going to have to ask ourselves, in how we are going to respond when the government comes for our rights. The logical progression after that is them coming for your life. History plays out over and over again. This is a time in which we will see a divide between cowardice and heroism. Men of character will stand upon the biblical principles set forth by God. A man of character will stand against evil in all of its forms, not only within their church, but outside the church as well. A man of character will be crying out from the rooftops against evil. Once upon a time pastors of churches used to be the voices crying in the wilderness against the evil of this land. It seems as though many pastors have lost their will to stand and fight.

Have we as Americans just gotten too comfortable with the status quo? Does righteousness and judgment not mean anything to the men who claim to be “God’s chosen?” False prophets fill our land, and many of the ones who are truly called are silent for some reason? What is the church member to do if the man who is supposed to be the shepherd shirks their responsibility? The answer to that is to find another church and pastor that has a backbone!

It is important to note that you do not have to attain a certain position in the corporate world, or in a church, to be a man of character. Knowing the wisdom of God set forth in his Word will define you. There will be people around us who claim to be leaders, that will fall and bow the knee to the sword that is approaching our land. Despite this, be encouraged, because there are many leaders who will stand against tyranny. There will also emerge other leaders who will stand upon the principles of the Word of God, and defend the brethren.

Now is the time to flock around those who will stand and fight. It is said that strength is found in numbers, and there is an element of truth in that. One can argue that real strength derives from unity. Imagine a people who are unified and strengthened under the principles of God. Many will claim to be heroes, but 2020 and 2021 were defining years to see who truly are such. Be a man of character and let your voice be known! Be that voice crying out in the wilderness, and have no regrets about it!

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